ABOUT US - Global Equipment Inspections
- Independent Visual Inspections -

Our ultimate purpose is to provide you with unbiased information to help you in your decision on purchasing equipment offsite.

Dave Strom - Global Equipment InspectionsDavid Strom, the owner, has 28 years of experience operating, servicing and inspecting heavy equipment and trucks. Dave also holds a valid heavy duty equipment technician certification.

Our goal is to do what our customers would do if they attended the sale themselves. Checking for oil in radiators, oil leaks, listening to how equipment starts, checking for slack in pins and bushings, doing function checks, brakes, transmissions, steering, moving the equipment around and getting a general feel for the condition of the equipment, as well as estimating the undercarriage or tire wear.

Each of our comprehensive reports includes photos of the inspected equipment, as well as extra photos of cosmetic damaged or structural damage that we find.

We are not able to state internal wear or mechanical conditions that do not show up in a yard setting or a visual check, but we can definitely reduce your risk greatly when buying any item site unseen.